Nfs export list not updating

08-Mar-2017 01:38

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Here are the typical causes of NFS problems: For maximum diagnostic speed, quickly check that the portmap and nfs daemons are running on the server. Next, eyeball the syntax on the client's mount command and the server's file.

Look for not only bad syntax, but wrong information such as wrong IP addresses, wrong filesystem directories, and wrong mountpoints. These two steps should take no more than 3 minutes, and will find the root cause in many cases.

The one problem with that is that, for NFS purposes, it makes the share world readable and/or world writeable, at least to the extent of which hosts are allowed to mount the share.

We'll get into this subject a little bit more when discussing the Gotcha concerning different user and group id numbers.

Here's how you restart the two daemons: You'll see messages on the screen indicating if the startups were successful. You don't need to restart these daemons every time.

Now that you've enabled the daemons on reboot, you can safely assume they're running (unless there's an NFS problem -- then don't make this assumption).

When learning or troubleshooting, there's nothing so wonderful as a known state.

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If it just mounts the parent, it will see an empty directory at the place where the other filesystem is mounted. Setting the nohide option on a filesystem causes it not to be hidden, and an appropriately authorised client will be able to move from the parent to that filesystem without noticing the change.If you want to enable root squashing, that's simple, because it's the default.If you want to disable it, so that root on any box operates as root within the mounted share, disable it with the user are user and group 655, but files modified by the client's root are group 655, and a different user. You can't run NFS without the server's portmap and NFS daemons running.