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26-Jul-2017 18:19

Rohingya refugee receive bananas from a Bangladeshi volunteer after crossing from Myanmar into Bangladesh.

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They certainly do not justify attacking hundreds of thousands of defenceless Rohingya villagers over recent weeks.

That was the signal for the real killing and savagery.

Abdullah, a village mullah, estimates fatalities at around 1,500 people, including his wife and five of his six children (one married daughter escaped unharmed as she was living in another village).

He and around 15 other what he calls 'stronger people' swam the river and hid in a cemetery.

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From there, 40 yards away, they watched the horrific scene unfold.So was the horrific slaughter of several thousands of Yazidis in Iraq by Islamic State three years ago.And, of course, the term applies to the Holocaust, when the Nazis eliminated six million Jews during World War II.Critics say that the evidence appears overwhelming, that the Myanmar government is intent on the annihilation of the minority population of Rohingya Muslims.