Muffle system logging error updating 3 0 5

23-Nov-2017 00:28

Perhaps it's time to get out the aptly named screwdriver, after you remove the system's metal case, try repositioning the sound card in a different slot.

Also take the opportunity to get the name of the sound card so that you can Google its driver.

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Then I spotted what was wrong, the app's own volume controller was on zero. My lowest ebb with computer sound systems was trying to troubleshoot a Window 95 machine; after 30 minutes of fiddling I realized the problem was that the system's volume control was muted.Or in the case of using a server as a desktop, check the that the Windows Audio service is set to 'Start' and not 'Manual'.If you are using headphones, check to hear if they work on another machine.Another good move is to research what sort of device you are dealing, try 'Googling' the name supplied in the 'Details tab'.