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22-Jan-2017 07:22

The foundation of a successful marriage really already starts during dating and courtship stages and while there are so many resources available to help you prepare for marriage, a book like Dating Readiness really fills a huge missing gap that we believe will help to save so many marriages before they begin. Shan Thumbran will undoubtedly give a clearer perspective and positively influence the way millennials approach dating, courtship and marriage.

We know that many people are going to be touched by this book and relationships changed for the better.” is a Pastor, and a certified Executive Coach (University of Cape Town) and Relationship Coach (Prepare/Enrich) his coaching company LONGEVITY is geared towards helping Singles, Dating, Courting, or Marriage couples build stable and satisfying relationships.

She had just broken up with the boyfriend with whom she’d moved from Brantford to Cambridge and wanted to connect with some new people..“I had a few friends,” says the veterinary technician.

“I just thought I’d like more.”Donovan created a profile on Where Women and emailed a few people, without too much success.“I was using it kind of like an online dating profile,” she says, laughing.

After last year's powerful year of the fire Rooster, you're ready to integrate all that change into positive action to get what you want out of life.

From February 16, 2018 to February 4, 2019, you'll get your wish in a big way, as the year of the earth Dog gets underway.We believe this book will not only help couples who are dating but has the ability to empower those who counsel younger couples with sound advice to help them avoid some of the pitfalls that leave so many people broken.Shan is a prolific author and teacher, it is great that he also offers readers a glimpse into his personal life and marriage and it excites us that so many others will get to witness his genuine love for his wife and family – just as we have had the honour to witness this. Dr Shan could not have written a better book at a more crucial time in our society.His coaching process offers the world’s first online scientific assessment tool by Prepare/Enrich.

Jun 5, 2015. A new messaging website, Boomerly, intends to fight loneliness and help older adults find friends who share similar interests.… continue reading »

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Is it a dating app? It's more than dating. Here you make new friends, good friends. You'll agree having good friends is the best thing that can happen to anyone. However, in some cases if friendship grows beyond, fortunate you!… continue reading »

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