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11-Apr-2017 09:30

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Recent technological developments might suggest that this is no longer the case.

Everything from self-driving cars to toilets capable of recycling waste efficiently could help drive down the costs of a lunar station, which papers released last year suggested could be in place as soon as 2022.

It’s thought to be structurally sound, and could contain deposits of ice and water inside rocks that might be used to produce fuel.

The cave is thought to be a lava tube spawned by volcanic activity dating back 3.5 billion years.

In fact, some experts assert that humanity will only be able to establish a viable Moon colony through an effort that unites private companies with national space agencies.

“The US is unlikely to have a large activity on the moon or Mars if it is the only actor involved,” senior NASA scientist Chris Mc Kay told Futurism.

Fortunately, it seems that partnerships are already forming to do this.

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Recently however the online dating industry has been attracting the wrong type of publicity on TV and in the press.In October 2017, Japan’s Selenological and Engineering Explorer probe discovered a massive underground cave on the Moon.The space, which is 100 meters (328 feet) wide and 50 kilometers (31 miles) long, is being touted as a potential location for a lunar station.“Why play ‘king of the mountain’ if you’re the only one on the mountain[?