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"Pete"/ Herring, Irene/ Herring, Louis/ Hilleary, W. III Format(s): Photo Jo Ann Walton, Juanita Denton & Virginia Reeves Photo of Jo Ann Walton, Juanita Denton and Virginia Reeves on the school grounds, Micanopy, Fl ca 1942 - 43.

T./ Hilleary, William Allen/ Howell, Ethel Loraine/ Howard, Anna Marie/ Howell, Louise Adams/ Hudson, Julia G./ Hunter, Cody Bascom/ Ivory Sr., Eugene A./ Iwaniec, Cynthia Ann/ Jackson, Dorothy Mountain/ Jacob, Elmer J./ Jacob, Thomas Joseph/ Jenkins, Donna L./ Johns, Marion Albert "Monk"/ Johnson, Estill M./ Jones, Claude H./ Jones, Dorothy "Dot" Marie Mays/ Jones, Gladys M./ Jones Jr., John Paul/ Jones, Lawrence James/ Jones, Marion Pecot/ Jones, Rubie Thrasher/ Jordan, Florence "Flo" Lorraine Scarborough/ Judkins, Evelyn C. Date(s): 1892 Notes: Two pages People: Pardee family/Merry family/Croxton family/Turner family/Arnow family/ Creator: Gainesville Sun Format(s): Photo ( xerox copy ) Old Hotel Old Tuscawilla Hotel. Date(s): 1962 Notes: One page People: Pardee family/Arnow family/ Subject Terms: Tuscawilla Hotel/Riggs House/ Format(s): Photograph description The Pardee House Description of the Pardee House. Date(s): 1942 - 43 Notes: One photo People: Walton, Jo Ann/Reeves, Virginia/ Creator: Thrasher, John E.

Intertribal American Indian Cultural Event Format(s): Program Second Annual Tuscawilla Ranch Native American Gathering at Micanopy Native American Indian gathering. Date(s): 5 June 1924 Notes: Eight pages in file folder; original full size 22 x 15.5 inches in oversize storage cabinet. Subject Terms: Micanopy news Creator: The Micanopy Gazette Format(s): newspaper The Micanopy Gazette, Vol. 2001 Notes: 16 pages People: Pierce, Robert N./Roberts, Carson/ Subject Terms: charter school/Little Red School House/historic district/National Register/ Creator: The Micanopy Gazette Format(s): newspaper The Micanopy Gazette, Vol. Acquisition/Custodial History: Accumulated since 1983 and to the present time. E./ Adams, Leah Keren/ Adams, Maude/ Adkins, Ona Mae/ Adkins, Silas William/ Alford Sr., Grover Willie Lee/ Alison, John/ Ambrose, Bessie B./ Anderson, Iris S./ Anderson, William Belew/ Andrew, Christopher Harley/ Armstrong, Butler/ Armstrong, Nonie/ Andrews, Kenneth E./ Arnow, J. Willie/ Bryant, Arthur Edgar/ Bruton, James/ Burch, Alice Fay/ Burch, Early Joseph/ Burch, Mary Ida/ Burch Jr., Wallace Joseph/ Burch, Walter Franklin/ Burnham, Gordon P./ Bryan, Betty Jane/ Carter, Elsie Louise/ Carter, Ralph R./ Carthy, Ernest Raymond/ Carr, Marjorie Harris/ Cawley, Edrie Gates/ Cawley Sr., Warren Arthur/ Cellon, Ralph Wilson/ Celmer, Isabel Duenges/ Chamberlin, Anne/ Chamberlin, George S./ Cheman, Colette Anna/ Chitty, Jeannette Zetrouer/ Chitty Jr., Henry Martin/ Chitty, William P./ Clark, Richard Darwin/ Climpson, Maude Mae/ Clyatte, Blanch B./ Coleman, Hattie Watson/ Colombo, Mary/ Comer Sr., James Robert/ Connell, John L./ Corey, Irvin L./ Cox, Dorothy A. This is the site of the Tuscawilla Hotel, also called the Pardee House. 1954 Notes: One page People: Pardee, Rosa/Arnow, Ruth/Wise, Minnie/Thrasher, Rae/ Pardee family2004.114.017Format(s): genealogy Martha Caroline Faust. Date(s): Notes: One page People: Faust, Martha Caroline / Pardee, Willis Henry Pardee family2004.114.018Format(s): genealogy Gabriel Percival Pardee Gabriel Percival Pardee genealogy. Parham and Jo Ann Walton Photo of Jo Ann Walton and Robert M.

Martin/ Cox, Juanita Bingham/ Council, Wilbur/ Coyle, Frank Phillip/ Clark, Elbert/ Crabtree, Margaret L./ Crass III, Maurice Frederick (Bill)/ Crencher, Pearl Watson/ Crider, Belle Preston/ Crider, Edith Beatrice/ Croxton, James/ Culbreth, Rowena M./ Culbreth, Starling Arthur/ Dailey, James O./ Dailey, Marguerite Dean/ Daniels, Romie B./ Davidson, Kyle Douglas/ Davis, Beulah Mildred/ Davis Jr., Qwon Glen/ Davis, Robert "Bob" Donald/ De Conna, Louise Mosca/ Deiss, Joseph Jay/ Denton, Artie Raulerson/ Denton Jr., Ernest B./ Denton Sr., Robert H./ Dew, Evelyn Skinner/ Dixon, Elizabeth Feaster/ Doby, Frances Miller/ Downs, Gertrude Allgood/ Drummer, Plezzie B./ Du Puis, Mrs. D./ Duncan, John F./ Dukes, Marshall Earl/ Dukes, Sallie Mae/ Duncan, Roy Cecil/ Duncan, Sarah/ Dyess, George W. Notes: Three pages People: Turner, James A./Pardee, Henry E./Merry family/Croxton family/Maynard family/Hare family/ Format(s): xeroxed document Deed Deed from Joseph H. Photographs of the Tuscawilla Hotel are found on page 59 in the Phot Date(s): 20 June 1899 Notes: Three pages People: Pardee, C. Mrs./Riggs, Joseph H./Cook, Gertrude/ Subject Terms: Tuscawilla Hotel/Pardee House/ Creator: Thrasher, Rae Format(s): xerox Diary 1954 Death of Rosa Pardee. Date(s): Notes: One page People: Pardee, Gabriel Percival Pardee family2004.114.019Creator: John H. 1949 Date(s): 1949 Notes: One photo People: Parham, Robert M./Walton, Jo Ann/ Creator: Thrasher, John E.

Containes correspondence including the letter saying that the Micanopy Historic District has been officially listed on the National Register of Historic Places on Oct. 1982 - 30 April 1983 Notes: small notebook People: Cohen, Diana/Smyth, Carmen/Rosenberger, Margaret/Thrasher, Rae/Watkins, Caroline/Thrasher, John E. Date(s): 10, 11, & 12 March 2000 Notes: 28 Pages Subject Terms: Native Americans/gatherings, Native Americans/ Creator: American Indian Gathering Format(s): Flyer American Indian Gathering/Micanopy Clean-up A flyer for the gathering of American Indians and a clean up notice for Micanopy. 10 - 12, 2000 Notes: Two pages Subject Terms: Native Americans/clean up/ Creator: Servies, James A. Cohen Five letters concerning early newspapers in Micanopy. Small color copy in Newspaper folder; full size photocopy in the wooden map storage cabinet, drawer 4. The Story of Historic Micanopy presented by the Historical Society. Micanopy Gazette Date(s): April/May 2000Notes: Four pages People: Samarrai, Remzey Subject Terms: Heritage / safety Obituaries2009.009.001Creator: various Format(s): Obituaries Obituaries Names of individuals whose obituaries are held in the Obituary file in the Micanopy Historical Society Archives. )/ Arnow, Winston Eugene/ Augustus, Simon/ Avent, Kate/ Babcock, Christian Glen/ Batie, Frank/ Batie, Matti Newton/ Batie, Oneda/ Bauknight, Cora/ Bauknight, John Henry/ Bauknight, Mrs John C./ Beck, James B./ Beck, Treacy English/ Beckwith, Henry Edward/ Beckwith, Madeline Mary/ Bellflower, Utha/ Bellamy, Dorothy Mae/ Benjamin, Simon H./ Bennett, James Edgar/ Bergman III. home, ca 1948 - 49 Date(s): 1948 - 49 Notes: One photo People: Walton, Jo Ann/Parham, Robert M./ Creator: Gainesville Sun Format(s): xeroxed - Newspaper Robert M.

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Postal officials agreed to Claxton and the post office opened in 1890.If I or my staff can be of service to you, please feel free to contact me at the address or phone numbers shown. Hendrix On August 11, 1914, the Georgia General Assembly proposed a constitutional amendment to create Evans County from Bulloch and Tattnall counties.Georgia voters ratified the proposed amendment on November 3, 1914, which marks the official date of Evans County’s creation.Dykes, Jessie Mae/ Estep, Dorothy Early/ Estep, Edgar Daniel/ Eaton, Millie Davis/ Ebling, David Walter/ Ebling, Jane Glenn Merryday/ Ebling, Walter Glenn/ Elhome, Raymond Alexander/ Elhome, Thelma Mizell/ Elton Sr., Charles M./ Emerson, Blanch Clyatt/ Emerson Jr., Carrol Beaucham/ Emerson Sr., Carrol Beacham/ English, John W./ Eustache, Alana Taya/ Evans, Hal Lee/ Evans, Harry Leo/ Fagerberg, Opal Ida/ Farnbach, Margaret Greene/ Fearney, Barbara Wyatt/ Fearney, Edward Maurice/ Feaster Sr., Jacob Lynn/ Feaster, Jacob M./ Feaster Jr., James Otis/ Ferguson, Leola Duncan/ Filmer, Lula M./ Fitz-William, Walter Robert/ Flournoy, Luella Kelley/ Flournoy, Otis/ Flowers, Mrs./ Forrest, Alexander J./ Fowler, James/ Franklin Jr., Benjamin Otis/ Franklin, Grace Newins/ Franklin, Mayme Cellon/ Fredericks, Frank Asher/ Fredericks, Helen Johnson/ Friend, Mildred Harrell/ Gallager, Chris Chamberlin/ Gay, Hattie/ Geiger, Glenn Huff/ Geiger Maude M./ Geiger, Leon C./ Giffin, Pat E./ Gill, John Pierpoint/ Gill, Ruby June/ Gill, Uriah Hannahan/ Gill, Wilhelmener/ Gill, Willie C./ Gilman, Robert Louis/ Graham, Cora B./ Graeffe, Lotte Burchardt/ Graham, Andrew James/ Gray, Herbert W./ Gray, Zelma Thomas/ Greene, Donise Dunbar/ Greene, Fannie Campbell Feaster/ Green, John O./ Goodman, Nancy Ruth/ Guth, Gerhard Karl/ Hadsock, Leitner Ethel/ Hall, Annie Grace Woodard/ Hall, Helen MAria/ Hall, Randy/ Hamilton, Julia Allene/ Hannah Jr., George L./ Hannah, Sarah Katharyn/ Hanscom, Louise Feaster Graham/ Hare, Caro Elizabeth/ Hare, John B./ Herring, Jimmie Lee/ Hare, Naomi Baird/ Harrell, Mary Bess York/ Harrell, Wilma Elois Dean/ Harrison, Bertha Lee/ Haviland, James Eugene/ Haviland, Jessie M./ Hayes, Juanita Earlene/ He, Qifen/ Herlong, V. 1890s Notes: Three pages People: Pardee family/Riggs family/ Subject Terms: Tuscawilla Hotel/Riggs house/ Creator: Tampa Tribune Format(s): xerox Retired Principal Dies in Live Oak Obituary for Thomas Pickens Maynard, husband of Emma Pardee Maynard. 1959 Notes: One page People: Maynard, Thomas Pickens/Pardee, Emma/ Format(s): Family Group Sheet Pardee/Turner families Henry E. Jackson Format(s): genealogy Genealogy of the Renfroe and Sapp families who are related to the Pardee family of Micanopy and the Collins family of Evinston.