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Containes correspondence including the letter saying that the Micanopy Historic District has been officially listed on the National Register of Historic Places on Oct. 1982 - 30 April 1983 Notes: small notebook People: Cohen, Diana/Smyth, Carmen/Rosenberger, Margaret/Thrasher, Rae/Watkins, Caroline/Thrasher, John E. Date(s): 10, 11, & 12 March 2000 Notes: 28 Pages Subject Terms: Native Americans/gatherings, Native Americans/ Creator: American Indian Gathering Format(s): Flyer American Indian Gathering/Micanopy Clean-up A flyer for the gathering of American Indians and a clean up notice for Micanopy. 10 - 12, 2000 Notes: Two pages Subject Terms: Native Americans/clean up/ Creator: Servies, James A. Cohen Five letters concerning early newspapers in Micanopy. Small color copy in Newspaper folder; full size photocopy in the wooden map storage cabinet, drawer 4. The Story of Historic Micanopy presented by the Historical Society. Micanopy Gazette Date(s): April/May 2000Notes: Four pages People: Samarrai, Remzey Subject Terms: Heritage / safety Obituaries2009.009.001Creator: various Format(s): Obituaries Obituaries Names of individuals whose obituaries are held in the Obituary file in the Micanopy Historical Society Archives. )/ Arnow, Winston Eugene/ Augustus, Simon/ Avent, Kate/ Babcock, Christian Glen/ Batie, Frank/ Batie, Matti Newton/ Batie, Oneda/ Bauknight, Cora/ Bauknight, John Henry/ Bauknight, Mrs John C./ Beck, James B./ Beck, Treacy English/ Beckwith, Henry Edward/ Beckwith, Madeline Mary/ Bellflower, Utha/ Bellamy, Dorothy Mae/ Benjamin, Simon H./ Bennett, James Edgar/ Bergman III. home, ca 1948 - 49 Date(s): 1948 - 49 Notes: One photo People: Walton, Jo Ann/Parham, Robert M./ Creator: Gainesville Sun Format(s): xeroxed - Newspaper Robert M.

III/ Subject Terms: National Register Committee/ Creator: Micanopy FL. Digital images of this edition are accessioned as 2007.011.005. Mayor Carson Roberts, writer Robert Pierce, advertisements for local businesses,the Little Red Schoo Date(s): Sept. The file contains only people who are connected to Micanopy in some way and it's families. Louis William/ Best, Annie Mae Daniels/ Bingham, Oscar/ Blackwelder, Glen/ Blocker, Lydie W./ Blount, Cora Hill/ Boyd, Haywood Douglas/ Boyd, Mitchell Sugarman/ Braddock, Virgil/ Bradley, Bennie/ Bradley, Cora Lee/ Brady, Marie-Antionette/ Brinson Sr., Willie Wade/ Brooks, Strobles Julia/ Brown Sr., Dominic Antonio/ Brown, Eunice Kathleen/ Brown, Nancy Lee Howard/ Brown Jr. Pardee for Lot 54 in the Smith's Addition of Micanopy.

Welcome to the official web site of the Office of the Clerk of Courts of Evans County, Georgia.

This site is maintained primarily for the benefit of the citizens of Evans County and others who require servies from the Office of the Clerk of Superior, State and Juvenile Courts.

If I or my staff can be of service to you, please feel free to contact me at the address or phone numbers shown. Hendrix On August 11, 1914, the Georgia General Assembly proposed a constitutional amendment to create Evans County from Bulloch and Tattnall counties.

Samuel "Buster"/ Mountain, Susie/ Mulkey, Henry T./ Myers, Quincey E./ Mc Credie, James/ Mc Credie, Thomas/ Mc Fadden Sr., Freddie Lee/ Mc Innis, Eula Zetriuer/ Mc Natt, Nellie/ Mc Neeley Jr. 1901 Notes: One page People: Pardee family/ Format(s): Family Group Sheet Henry Edward Pardee Two group sheets for Henry Edward Pardee and his family. For more information about the collections, please visit Micanopy Historical Society Library and Archives or contact John Thrasher at (352) 466-0054 or [email protected] Format(s): Publication Florida Newspapers; A record of titles, by locality. Date(s): 1988 Notes: Three pages Subject Terms: Micanopy newspapers/ Newspapers, Micanopy, FL. Micanopy's FCE Tea at the Herlong Mansion, Micanopy Pipes and Drums, fall festiva, spring festival, Micanopy Junction photo, and conflict concerning the fall festival advertisers. 2001 Notes: 16 pages Subject Terms: The Micanopy Gazette/FCE/fall festival/Micanopy junction/ Creator: The Micanopy Gazette Format(s): newspaper The Micanopy Gazette, Vol. Micanopy News Date(s): March 2002Notes: Five pages Subject Terms: safety / speed bumps / candidates / 9-1-1 Newspapers, Micanopy, FL.2006.004.018Creator: Town of Micanopy, FL. Creator: National Register Committee Format(s): notebook Minutes of the National Register Committee Minutes of the National Register Committee, 27 January 1982 - 30 April 1983. 2006.004.004 Creator: The Micanopy Herald Format(s): xeroxed - Newspaper The Micanopy Herald Newspaper Copy of the Micanopy Herald, edition for 5 June 1924. The Little Red School House, article by Robert Pierce, photo of the Thrasher Warehouse, school and historic district photos. 2001 Notes: 16 pages People: Pierce, Robert N./ Subject Terms: Little Red School House/Thrasher Warehouse/historic district photos/ Creator: The Micanopy Gazette Format(s): newspaper The Micanopy Gazette The Micanopy Gazette, Vol. Format(s): Newsletter Micanopy Gazette: Mayor Samarrai,9-1-1 physical address system, Heritage program,safety checks. For a detailed list of the research materials held by the Library and Archives, please click on the Index. Box 784, Williston, FL Format(s): Magazine Micanopy Matters Issue June/July 2006 of Micanopy Matters Date(s): June/July 2006 Notes: 16 pages People: Johnson, B. C./Katz, Jacob/Benjamin, Rosa/ Subject Terms: The Micanopy Gazette/marriages/weddings/ Creator: George J. Crime prevention Micanopy Gazette Special Edition Date(s): Summer 2000Notes: Four pages Subject Terms: safety / grants Newspapers, Micanopy, FL.2006.004.016Creator: Town of Micanopy, FL.

You also can browse materials alphabetically or search using the search box below. Date(s): March 2002 Notes: Two pages Subject Terms: The Micanopy Gazette Newspapers, Micanopy, FL. R./ Rice, Bob Subject Terms: Micanopy Matters/ history/ Micanopy Middle School Creator: L. Martin Format(s): newspaper The Micanopy Gazette ( July 8, 1886 ) The Micanopy Gazette, 8 July 1886. Arnow Format(s): newspaper The Cotton State Enlarged copy of the "Cotton State", a MIcanopy newspaper published by Geroge J. Date(s): 28 September 1981 Notes: Four pages People: Arnow, George J./ Subject Terms: Cotton State/newspapers/ Newspapers, Micanopy, FL.2006.004.014Creator: Town of Micanopy, FL. Format(s): Newsletter Micanopy News: Community news: Tree canopy, water issues, Town priorities, Save the Little Red School house, Clean up, and Child safety. There is some dispute about the origin of the name Claxton, but it is believed it was inhonor of Philander Priestly Claxton, a noted educator of the time.The City of Claxton is known world-wide as the “Fruit Cake Capital of the World”. Monday-Friday (excluding legal county holidays.) Actual dates may vary due to some holidays falling on the weekend and observance being taken on the preceding or following workday.Please note that some collection descriptions are not yet available online. Middle School open, Methodist Church's 149th year and other news. 2001 Notes: 16 pages Subject Terms: The Micanopy Gazette/ Micanopy Middle School/ Methodist Church/ Newspapers, Micanopy, FL. 1, #7 Format(s): newspaper The Micanopy Gazette The Micanopy Gazette, Vol. Format(s): Newsletter Micanopy Gazette: June/July 1999. Message from the Mayor; Fire Department; MACS; housing; Date(s): June/July 1999Notes: Four pages People: Talley, Joe / Rosenberger, Margaret / Smyth, Carmen / Reddick, Ken / Reddick, Kara / Staley, Lee / Buskirk, Jeannie / Samarrai, Remzey / Monaco, Chris / Elder, Steve Subject Terms: Fire Department / Mayor / Strobles Recreation Center / MACS Newspapers, Micanopy, FL.2006.004.015Creator: Town of Micanopy, FL. Micanopy News Date(s): January - April 2001People: Smyth, Lewis Subject Terms: trees / water issues / canopy / Little Red Schoolhouse / safety Newspapers, Micanopy, FL.2006.004.017Creator: Town of Micanopy, FL. 2003 Notes: One page People: Parham, Robert M./ Creator: Anderson Photographs Format(s): Photo ( Copy ) 1947 Graduating Class, P.