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10-Sep-2017 02:33

Of course, married men cheated before the internet came along, but online dating is like an adventure playground for philanderers.Aged 34, I vowed to give up on internet dating for ever and take my chances in the real world.

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Posing by their sports cars, keen to tell any prospective ladies that while they had two homes and earned a salary that could single-handedly pay off the national debt, they were still ­sensitive souls who liked to strum their guitars and do parachute jumps for charity. They were, of course, plants, who were there to lure in naive punters.So many people partake that it has became an acceptable way to meet the opposite sex.But when I started it was a bit like train-spotting — you’d heard about it, you knew it went on, but the sort of people who did it were a little bit odd and not the type whose ­company you’d keep.We agreed to meet again and I went home to tell my flatmate, a ­fellow internet dater, that I had a good ­feeling about this one. I also never made my peace with the fact I was looking for men via my computer.

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She replied cynically: ‘He’s ­probably back online now, lining up the next one.’ I checked his profile online — it was flashing, which meant that he was messaging someone else. And that’s the huge stumbling block with internet dating: there’s too much choice. It felt a little bit grubby and, if I’m honest, desperate. Why on earth did I think the idea of a childless woman cruising for men at the zoo was somehow less embarrassing than admitting the truth?There are on average seven women to every man, creating the kid in a sweet shop effect. Whenever I started to see someone on a regular basis, I could never bring myself to admit where I’d met him to my friends and ­colleagues. They couldn’t believe my success in meeting men at the super-market, the dry cleaners, on the bus, in the park. The longest relationship I had as a result of meeting on an internet dating site was seven months.Why would a man give any woman a ­second chance when they know there’s six others online just ­waiting for his message? ­During that whole time, I never went to his home; he always came to mine.I suppose Oddballs And Social ­Misfits is never going to attract too many customers, is it?

For a few years of my life, I did online dating to death.… continue reading »

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