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-ar Nie L- Mine also works perfetly but the screen has a a black border at the top, if anyone ould help I’d appreciate it. SLPS-01222: Freezes once entered police station, same way it does with american version if game id isnt changed. NOTE: Debug menu when pressing select works to change location, including police station. 5.00 works perfectly – Debug Junky If you use the default Game ID it will freeze after the "Chapter 1" screen. When you do use one of these game IDs you’ll sometimes notice a little slowdown or some stuttering in voices, but at least the game works.

EBOOT was made with Simple Popstation GUI v3.00 – Debug Junky 5.00 M33-6 Works fine using 4.01 pops – Azure Fang SLPS-00222: Freezes when man in gun shop speaks (funnily enough, straight after he says freeze! Crashes at ‘Dec 25’ right after the Christmas Party, too bad, it’s a great RPG/Dating Sim. 3.52 and below: Use Game ID SLPS-01156, SLPS-01724, or SLPS-01222.

However if you try to watch the opening cinematic after starting a new game it will freeze at a black screen after it zooms in on the castle. 5.00: Game ID SLPS-01490 and SLPS-01156 doesn’t work, game gets stuck on black screen and doesn’t even show the PS logo.

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Made mine with SLPS-01156 with PSX2PSP 1.3 and it works flawlessly so far (completed chapter 1) -Vyse 6.39Pro B8: Works perfectly (! *Note* Popsloader with Psp Go will NOT have sound unless you are using the headphone jack.

– Tabs MHOn 3.71 works perfect fine by dopi Works fine on 5.0 M33-3; dumps occasionally and potential to freeze (Tanthalus).

On ‘Fast’, it’ll crash sometime during the first in-game conversation.

Please elaborate which pops you tried, GUI you used to create the EBOOT etc – Debug Junky 5.00 works fine, intro animation has no audio though, game plays fine after with no graphical/audio problems at all (half an hour to an hour of testing with disc speed set to fast), disc image used had the fanpatched applied, EBOOT was made with Popstation GUI 3.00 – Debug Junky According to "John":"Works flawlessly and stretches perfectly in 3.9" Also works perfectly on 5.00 M33-3 with 5.01 patches. 3.71 and 3.72: Game ID SLPS-01156 and SLPS-01724 will work. Also the slowdown and stuttering in voices is slightly better.

Hangs for a minute after PS logo, and when you beat arcade mode, it freezes, but the gameplay is terrific Also no BG music. By Roxas6662 5.00 works perfectly – Debug Junky According to "John":"Works flawlessly and stretches perfectly in 3.9". EBOOT needs to be made with CDDA Popstation 1.24 (don’t forget, you’ll need keys.bin). 3.90 Works perfect for me with SLPS-01156, eboot made with Simple Popstation GUI 3.6 ID was patched onto the eboot after – Debug Junky 4.01: If you use Game ID SLPS-01490 then gameplay and voices are MUCH better.[As of 7.30.11] -antidentity 6.20 PRO B-9: Converted using Simple POPstation GUI 3.00 BETA and using 3.40 via POPSLOADER, tried using PSX2PSP but got the Chapter 1 freeze screen using that.Works perfectly, except a little bit of slowdown with a lot of action going on. PSX to PSP GLOSSARY Pops = The in-built PSX emulator for the PSP, developed by Sony.

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