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That was never me, I always liked a simplistic approach rather than loads of garble or medical jargon.I have always believed anxiety is made far over complicated to recover from by some.Every habit can be changed as long as we understand that it wont happen overnight.There is one question that I asked myself whilst suffering and when answering I wrote down a list of things that had become a learnt behaviour.) -Show off to friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers -End the relationship at any time and trade for a new girlfriend. Or better yet, have two or more girlfriends at once without worrying about cheating or getting caught! I can’t say this was the exact list below, but it would have been something like it and I am sure some others can identify with it.The reason for the list was that I wanted to identify what learnt behaviours I had developed and try and reverse them.

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Yes it took time to build up the perfect attitude and I would sometimes have a good cry or feel sorry for myself on a bad day, but the next day I was back out and not letting it dominate my life like it had. just moved back to the highlands after living in Glasgow, for a long time! I have travelled many times for work, mainly the far east and middle east. I now work for the government and possess a Masters in HR! I'm fun, outgoing and am looking for someone who is fun t.. Today’s post covers something that is very important and was something that kept me in the cycle of anxiety for a long time.

I am all for changing behaviours to move forward with anxiety, although saying that I am not one for going down the homework route or filling in progress sheets.A good understanding and the right attitude did it for me.Understanding what was happening when I felt anxious and why I did, did far more for me than any other so called help that was thrown at me in the early days.Having the right attitude helped in no longer let anxiety rule what I did and did not do.