Liam neeson dating news

15-Jul-2017 04:10

The popular "actors are mostly gay" theory only applies to thespians, not Hollywood celebrities.

I did meet a personal assistant of Neeson's once and she confirmed that he did indeed have a huge cock-she saw it via a mirror when he got out of the shower.

Now that he is older, i wonder if he gets really HARD.

is top of the US box office, is renowned for his work in action movies. The Earth isn’t stable anymore and then it passes and it becomes more infrequent, but I still get it sometimes."(Her death) was never real, it still kind of isn't.

I love Liam and am disappointed he would say something like that for laughs as there is nothing funny about a straight man saying he's gone gay.Andy asked him in Plead the 5th that he is rumored to be the most well-endowed in Hollywood. Cillian played a transvestite prostitute during the Glitter Rock era. They had a fling back in the '80s when she still had some supermodel cred and hadn't ruined her looks with plastic surgery. Neeson talked about dating Helen Mirren, to Jimmy Fallon recently, he said they dated when he just started acting.His response was "I'm told William Dafoe and myself are (he made a hand gesture meaning they are close)."He dated Barbara Streisand."The way he said it was not negative at all. The film was listed as a comedy but it was kind of sad, with a few comedic bits. This was a long time ago and they were both much younger.And she said that back when he was dating Brooke Shields she saw a videotape of Women Who Love Big Cocks in his dresser drawer. I just saw the trailer for his new movie, c'mon, who the fuck is going to pay to see him as a fucking action hero?

He likes to drink too so his cock may be dead most of the time.

The popular "actors are mostly gay" theory only applies to thespians, not Hollywood celebrities.[quote]Only in DL fantasies, dear. It's just that most of the males in that 80% population call themselves straight when they really aren't 100% straight.

Liam Neeson is presented with a bouquet of flowers by Alisa Mizuki at the premiere of his movie The Commuter on Sunday March 18 in Tokyo, Japan. The.… continue reading »

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