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27-Feb-2018 14:49

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EST/PST, with the first of six new season two episodes.

Hansen and de Pardo are joined in their investigations by lead scientist Bill Murphy, tech specialist Devin Marble, stunt expert Austin Porter and new team member, photographer Lanisha Cole.

There's a lot of mystery behind it and so much speculation as to whether or not White Sands Missile Range is connected to alien technology and reverse engineering and also a Roswell connection.

So we wanted to tackle a video that has been talked about so much.

Her son was stillborn in February 2009 and her daughter was born prematurely the following month.

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Mrs Cochran worked as model on the show from 2002 until January 2009.Lanisha also makes it clear host Drew Carey has NOT been accused of any wrongdoing. The amount was in addition to 5,000 in compensatory damages awarded to 41-year-old Brandi Cochran on Tuesday, after the jury in the case ruled that the producers of the show had acted with malice by not taking her back after her pregnancy.The other exciting thing about some of these large scale cases is that our experiments are also becoming more large scale.

Our technology has become more advanced and we've done some things that are literally explosive.

JDP: Well, for one, I feel that a lot of the cases that we've been tapping into are perhaps bigger and more historical. It's exciting to then be able to go into the field and document our own evidence in regard to these anomalies that people have been talking about for a very long time.