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22-May-2017 01:50

The photographs in the book are taken by Lindsey Byrnes and Ryan Russell.

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This one girl got really obsessive and she started emailing a lot and she had this myspace page that was really intense.Her and Leisha [Alice] pushed really heavily to get us on the show…’The girls defend their sexuality against critics who say they aren’t as gay as they used to be.‘I gave interviews to gay press in America a couple weeks ago and almost every single interviewer asked me at some point or another in some way or another, why we didn’t talk more about being gay.In ten years, I don’t think I’ve done one interview where they haven’t asked me about being gay.OUTin Perth interviewed Tegan Quin, one half of the lesbian duo.

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As a tribute to the book-inspired concept behind The Con, we have decided to tell chapter by chapter how Tegan’s view of life as a queer musician has evolved over the past decade.[So] I disagree that there isn’t a lot of stuff about us being gay.I think it has been written about so much that people aren’t that interested in writing about it anymore because how many times can you say we’re gay? We’re gay.’‘When you’re straight, you don’t have to walk around with pointy boots and tight pants and a Prada purse.Two songs from Red tape appeared on the album, and two from Orange tape.

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Tegan & Sara come out in rock star style and the lesbian world takes notice. ‘The girl I’m dating. *Kaki King - Tour, Single, Album… continue reading »

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Sex & Dating. All Sex. Get a Piece of Kaki King & Hunter Valentine’s Hotness. Tegan & Sara’s ALLIGATOR VIDEO, Kaki King, Sarah Slaton.… continue reading »

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Tegan & Sara In my lifetime, I. her mother eventually asked if they were dating. When Sara answered yes. and Kaki King all appeared and collaborated on the album.… continue reading »

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Who is your favorite Celesbian. My favorites are Tegan and Sara mostly Sara, Kaki King. and. dating me.… continue reading »

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