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14-Dec-2017 11:12

You can still maintain more objectivity, filter out more undesirables, and be more likely to know if what you’re feeling is real love if you avoid sex before marriage. But beyond that, let me suggest the following: get physical, it will be more likely express the beginnings of a genuine spiritual bond, something that can last.

Sometimes the city makes it hard for people to meet their mensch the old fashioned way. Ackerman, a New York native and serial entrepreneur, launched a new dating app for Jewish singles in the city last month.

This rose-colored screen will eventually lift - usually after you get married.

Then you’ll find yourself suddenly seeing your new spouse clearly.

Like other dating apps, Tribe allows users to swipe left or right to indicate their interest in another user.

Tribe then asks for information on the user's denomination as well as the denomination they prefer in a partner, their favorite first date activity (coffee, drinks or dessert), and how far away a potential match can live.

Orthodox and Conservative Judaism now generally observe Rosh Hashanah for the first two days of Tishrei, even in Israel where all other Jewish holidays dated from the new moon last only one day. The two days of Rosh Hashanah are said to constitute "Yoma Arichtah" Aramaic "one long day". In Reform Judaism, some.… continue reading »

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Oct 11, 2017. Sara* can't remember a time in her life when she wasn't on a diet. In fact, growing up in her Orthodox Jewish community, trying to lose weight was as routine as any other ritual. “The same way we had Shabbos the Jewish sabbath every week, we had dieting every day,” she tells SELF. “It was always a part.… continue reading »

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Jul 24, 2015. This post is from the Ferenstein Wire, a syndicated news column. For general inquires or syndication information, learn more here. Jdate, the popular dating service responsible for more Jewish hookups than a bottle of Manischewitz, is playing hardball in the dog-eat-dog world of nice Jewish match-making.… continue reading »

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This leads to a substantial drift from year to year of specific dates relative to the solar year although all holidays occur on a fixed Jewish calendar date. To correct for this, an additional month Adar II is added during leap years which occur roughly every third year. In addition, other changes are made every 19th year.… continue reading »

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