Jquery validating textbox

08-Feb-2018 18:03

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If you skip the messages parameter, the plugin will display default, auto-generated messages.

However, You should always customize the validation error messages.

Combined with display=”none’, that means our Validation Summary control is only going to display one error message to the user, making it much less confusing.

Also notice that Validate Empty Text is set to true – otherwise, our code will never run. We’re validating two controls, so even though we use the standard signature the validators are expecting, we’re only interested in the So now the user must fill in one of the Text Boxes, but can pick either one. NET MVC a lot recently, and it’s nice to go back to Web Forms and see how very easy it is to take built-in controls like the custom validator and use them to meet your specific needs.

The after() method instructs to insert the specified html after the object that the select expression retrieves. The j Query validation plugin leverages a CSS selector like syntax to apply a set of validation rules.

j Query supports a Full-Featured and flexible Validation plug-in that lets you easily hook it to ASP. You can download the plugin (js) file from j Query website.

It has a simplified event handling model with a tiny footprint.

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It supports other validations like digits, date, min, max as well.

NET MVC 3 applications, you must include a locale-specific j Query methods script file for each language you support." You can download these scripts here.