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The key element of the analysis in this case is the individuality of the doctor, in the context of daily practices and daily interaction.

Insufficient efficiency of administrative model of national policy in the Russian society assumes transition to the new paradigm basics of the administrative practices in the sphere of the interethnic relations, including taking into account a possibility of implementation of foreign experience in value policy.

The medical profession, from the point of view of biomedical approach, is a profession which combines three main key components: a collectivity, impartiality and a scientific research orientation.

However, recently individual approach to sociological research of professions in medicine has intensely been developed.

The paper discloses details of selection of the candidate for a position of the Chief military adviser to the head of the government of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan in 1979 before input to Afghanistan of the limited contingent of the Soviet troops.

For the first time in scientific literature the publication shows the role and significance of the Colonel General S. Magometov as the Chief military adviser of the government of Afghanistan in 1979-1980 whose activity was highly appreciated by the government of the USSR.

The authors examine various approaches to a research of legal relationships in works of jurists of the Soviet period of development of legal science.

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The conclusion is drawn that the value policy allows the Russian society to get rid of an administrative syndrome, to overcome limitation only of legal "mechanisms" of regulation of the interethnic relations and to pass to the communicative model of national policy.The paper discusses features of migration of Austro-Hungarian citizens to the Northwest Caucasus and analyzes the adaptation potential of Czechs and Slovaks in the Russian migratory paradigm of the second half of the 19th century.The author comes to a conclusion that degree of efficiency of adaptation of immigrants in the different ethnic society depended on the national and confessional policy pursued by tsarism, on economic support of the Austro-Hungarian government and on individual self-realization of migrants.General lines typical for most mountain societies of the Old World are noted: delay of processes of centralization, and existence of the democratic institutes similar to structures of antique policies.

Akifyeva R. Alieva A. 2018. The influence of student ethnicity on teacher expectationsand teacher perceptions of warmth and competence. Psychology in Russia… continue reading »

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Most businesses use accounting software programs to This may include updating the inorder to build the query algorithm and to determine if replication… continue reading »

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