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13-Jun-2017 22:00

The paper discusses features of migration of Austro-Hungarian citizens to the Northwest Caucasus and analyzes the adaptation potential of Czechs and Slovaks in the Russian migratory paradigm of the second half of the 19th century.

The author comes to a conclusion that degree of efficiency of adaptation of immigrants in the different ethnic society depended on the national and confessional policy pursued by tsarism, on economic support of the Austro-Hungarian government and on individual self-realization of migrants.

The paper discloses the difficulties, opportunities and prospects of implementation of the USA and Germany experience in value policy in Russia.

The conclusion is drawn that the value policy allows the Russian society to get rid of an administrative syndrome, to overcome limitation only of legal "mechanisms" of regulation of the interethnic relations and to pass to the communicative model of national policy.

This work describes so-called "democratic" societies of Circassia in the 18-19th centuries, features of their geographical localization, reasons of a territorial and demographic increase, and influence of a landscape on a socio-political situation in the Adyghe mountain societies.

The paper explores forms of democratic institutes, distinctive features of the military organization of mountaineers connected with an involvement of free community members into military actions by land and by sea that, in turn, creates steady base for functioning of democratic institutes.

Western Belorussia is a polyethnic region, where the conflict between the two main peoples - the Poles and Belorussians was lasting during the first half of the 20th century.

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Insufficient efficiency of administrative model of national policy in the Russian society assumes transition to the new paradigm basics of the administrative practices in the sphere of the interethnic relations, including taking into account a possibility of implementation of foreign experience in value policy.

This paper analyzes features of formation of "firm" and "fluid" identity types at young Kalmyks.

The author shows that the mutually repeled / interpenetrating tendencies in formation of identity at young Kalmyks can be studied at the analysis of "spheres between" culture and society.

Most of immigrants managed to show uncommon acclimatization creativity and to find the economic niche.

The paper is devoted to "legal relationship" as fundamental category of the Russian legal science.

Classical approach to definition of medical professions is based within a biomedical paradigm and covers ideas of a profession of the doctor from the point of view of professional ethics, high collective responsibility, unity and impartial approach to the patient.

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