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Easterlings, known in early times as Swarthy Men, were a race of Men who lived in the vast and uncharted lands of Rhûn, east of Mordor and the Sea of Rhûn.

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Their eyes were dark (dark brown and black), and their straight hair was black.

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By some men of Dor-lómin that appear in the Wanderings of Hurin, they are called Eastrons.

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Bór was a leader of Men who came into Lothlann, in Beleriand, during the FA 463. Bór was welcomed by Maedhros, who gave him and his followers land north and south of the March of Maedhros.Ulfang and his sons were secretly in the employ of Morgoth, and betrayed the Eldar and Edain during the Nirnaeth Arnoediad in what is now known as the Treachery of Men.After Nirnaeth Arnoediad at the bidding of Morgoth, the Easterlings invaded Hithlum.Here the Easterlings governed with cruelty, robbing, stealing, and enslaving the remaining Men of Hithlum, who called the Easterlings the " Incomers".