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I remember when the first installment of Roots came out, and my parents demanding my brother and I watch.I remember seeing that classic scene, when Kunta Kinte was broken by a white foreman and forced to take the slave name, Toby. Income inequality in America is the highest it has been in four decades, according to Pew Research Center.The black unemployment rate has consistently been twice as high as the white unemployment rate for the past 50 years, and the gap between white and black household incomes hasn't closed in that time period, according to The Washington Post.

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These are all themes common to the current political conversations about police shootings, racial inequality, and classism.

Evidence: How many times do I have to present evidence which categorically illustrates either most black women or many non black females who hang around black women informing you in no uncertain terms that they much prefer the unproductive, thug, gangster type black men over the got his stuff together, educated, intelligent black man? Continue reading → Evidence: As talked about extensively in Negro Wars, the black female menace strikes once again.

At this point any evidence collected is simply bonus material, as far as I’m concerned the case for thinking black men to abandon black women was proven a long time ago. Evidence: This is yet another example of the mentally insane, mentally unstable and mentally disjointed mindset of the modern day black female and is one of the main reasons why I believe most black women should not be allowed to carry firearms until they have been psychologically evaluated thoroughly. Evidence: https:// Exactly what code is this guy talking about?

I remember being angry and confused, and thinking, “Wow!

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Ripped: Originally from Utah, Jerad became a Navy SEAL last November and was based at the Naval Amphibious Base Coronado in San Diego. She also posted a text conversation telling Jerad she was writing her 'final thoughts' segment for her show, adding: 'Your (sic) always my first and final thought by the way, sleep tight'Tomi's comments, said on Friday's episode on the fringe cable channel, were in reference to the fatal shooting of four U. Marines and one active-duty Navy reservist, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on Thursday.Evidence: That statement of dribble was taken from the above corresponding link, in case you missed it the blogger Whtgrlsrawesome covered this and much more in his article last year dealing with feminists ie black women and their hypocrisy when it comes down to European standards of beauty. The trailer for "Get Out," a movie written and directed by "Key and Peel's" Jordan Peele, starts with an interracial relationship but ends with an insane and terrifying commentary on race and American society.The only code that exists within black society today is “don’t criticise black women no matter what dysfunctional behaviour they put on display, however black men are always fair game no matter what the weather”.

Exposing Corruption Under Every Rock Scum. Once again the bread and circus court jester known as Dr Umar Johnson has decided to speak on interracial dating.… continue reading »

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