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11-Dec-2017 20:41

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Many of us have had analogous experiences firsthand.

We’ve been aware of the ability for online profiles to allow for any number of identities to come forth, real or imagined.

But at the end of the day, they too fall head over heels.

It may not be true love they have fallen for, but instead the idea of love and a beloved.

Chat rooms, Facebook messages, and even plain email have made such connections possible.

In the end many of us are looking for love, and believe we may find it in the most unlikely of situations.In a previous article found here, I discuss Facebook as a reality show in and of itself.Additionally, we may have messaged and even flirted online, possibly going further than initially intentioned.The near anonymity of online interactions makes many things impossible in the real world, possible in the virtual one.

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Though many have in fact found love and happiness online, shows the other side of the equation that is often left out.

Though certainly featuring some of the more extreme examples, shows such as And very accurately depicts the perils of online dating. The dive bar next to the trailer park on the wrong side of the tracks adjacent sewage treatment facility. We are all working 12 hours as professionals eating lunch at our desks going straight from work to the gym where everyone is walking around with apple head phones in their ears all working out to stay healthy and to attract that good looking guy or gal…can’t hear us or see us because like the rest of us they are in their own little worlds.