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19-Apr-2017 14:27

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This post is part of a series on natural herpes remedies and the studies behind them.

Since it has so many customers, and so many people curious, we decided to get a copy...

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And, amazed by his spiritual generosity and sensitivity, I was upset and distressed about many of my fellow-Russians’ indifference towards their own faith.

God does not need just the leaves of the virtues—external, empty piety.

God needs the real fruit of repentance —hearing the word of God and fulfilling it. Philip Le Masters So it’s time to lay aside our usual distractions, excuses, and obsessions, and enter into the passion of our Lord by worshiping Him in the services of the church, as well as in every thought, word, and deed this week.

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Are you going through your first herpes outbreak, or just wondering if you are?