Humorous sarcasm about dating

11-Feb-2018 00:22

In live conversation, we rely on voice-tone and gestures to indicate sarcasm.While trying to type the same words, we don't have the advantage of the other person being able to see or hear us, and they may have no clue, that we're trying to be sarcastic.

At this rate, somebody is bound to upset the Warlock once too often, and we'll end up with a Court full of bemused looking toads.""He wouldn't dare use his magic here," said the Champion."Don't bet on it," said Rupert. At 150 psi, ifsomeone turns on the shower, the water pressure will blow off the showerhead, strip the threads, blam, the shower head turns into a mortar shell. ” ― Charles Dickens, “Wes sat in a cracked vinyl booth picking at his fries and listening to Amanda go on and on about the dress she'd found. Oh, Wes, I can't wait 'til you see it.' She gesticulated wildly, and her only saving grace right now was her amazing rack that swayed and bounced with each movement. ' He waved the bill in the air at her questioning gaze. He thought so.” ― Brandi Salazar, “Ivy’s taken me to her parent’s house...

""Yes, my lord," the rogue boldly replied, "rabbit from the jungles.""And this rabbit did not mew when he was killed? She had only said, “Hop in Jane, we’re getting burritos.” Blinded by my affection for burritos, I jumped into the car like an unwitting pig on its way to a slaughterhouse.” ― Emily R.

I’m talking about fun sarcasm. On that note, here's what you need to know about dating a sarcastic girl. 1. We can take it as much we can dish it.… continue reading »

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Things To Know About Dating a Sarcastic Woman. I’m talking about fun sarcasm. here's what you need to know about dating a sarcastic girl. 1.… continue reading »

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