Htc desire news widget not updating

04-Apr-2017 08:05

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It's essential that you backup any important data on your HTC Desire before attempting to sample the sweet delights of Gingerbread.Updating to Android 2.3 will wipe the phone's internal memory. Here are your options: Complete backup: If you don't mind stumping up £3, My Backup Pro offers a complete backup solution for all your messages, apps, application data and more.It will export your SMS, MMS and call log entries to Gmail using a separate label and can later restore all but MMS back to your phone.Syncing with Google: You're most likely already syncing important data, such as calendar, email and contacts, with Google apps.

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If this happens, log in as an administrator and try again.Visit com and look for the ~161MB 'Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) Upgrade for HTC Desire'. Then unzip the HTC Desire Android 2.3 file within that. If anyone knows of a way of installing this via the SD card or some other method, let us know.Those files are software that won't be automatically installed with Gingerbread due to storage constraints. There's also a ZIP file containing the original wallpapers.It's essential the upgrade process is not interrupted, so to be safe, quit any other software running on your PC and ensure your phone is set not to receive calls or messages.

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Solved 'lo I have a HTC Desire HD. The weather hasn't updated since March 7th, at a.m. It's currently telling me that we have a balmy 8… continue reading »

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HTC has finally launched an official Desire Gingerbread update, which will update the HTC Desire to Android 2.3.3. There's a pretty big catch, though. This is not your traditional "over the air" update that's all nice and easy.… continue reading »

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