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As I agree that the (unthreaded ) forum is becoming overly cluttered with fumetti art – an acquired taste to say the least – I'm linking the Muriel panels I have below rather than imbedding them. It's not like I have a preference for it, only that I appreciate it just as much as any other, and there is some fucking HOT hentai out there! Enjoy the GIFs, and if any of you Jap Rape aficionados knows who this model is, PLEASE pass along your knowledge. As a matter a fact, it seems like the only people mentioning how little interest the board has in them are the actual guys posting them. Trust me, I still got a kick out of it, and will buy more of your flicks, just some constructive criticism from a fan. Howie Ralphus wrote in the daily pic pop-up: Kathyrne's superheroines aren't very super, are they? I can think of at least two attributes that make Kathyrne's heroines more super than most GIMPs.

They are of low quality and seem to have been input some time ago. I haven't seen anyone else unsolicited say there's to many Fumetti here. A Canadian wrote: Torture Club is worth seeing but it's nothing to get excited about.

Accidentally electrocuting yourself with your car is easier than house current because the entire car body is a ground wire.

Especially the older model cars because newer model cars have more plastic body parts. If they act like the bad guys (torturing their captives, etc) then they are no longer the good guys, and for me they lose their appeal.

I did locate the sequence (16 pages) in my online archives, so perhaps that is why it seemed familiar. It's not just how gorgeous she is, and she is GORGEOUS, with beautiful natural tits, with tiny perfect nipples, and a figure most women would kill for, but it's more than that.

However, the text looks like it's been translated into Klingon (Russian maybe? She just exudes sex in her every movement and whimper throughout the entire film. Anyhow, I don't even know what her name is, or even if she ever did any other movies, because I'd LOVE to see her in something else, but since I've never known her name, I never knew how to search for her.

Unlike the plethora of fetish photos and videos we see so frequently, hand-crafted art (like fiction) can depict scenes unconstrained by real life limitations, allowing the realization of anything the artist might imagine.

So to you and anyone else sharing the Fumetti love, PLEASE, by all means, keep it up. Howie wrote: If you see one of my reviews go up, you know it's because I REALLY dug the flick.I'm surprised no Gimp movie producers have tied a gimp to an old car body and done this kind of gimp scene or have they? In response to the comment about my superheroines being not so super; Well, the point of a superheroine peril is... If she's not in danger / being tortured / being executed, then it doesn't really qualify for a peril scene. So, hopefully this gives y'all some insight into my rather twisty mental creative process. The good guys or gals are not merciless and the bad guys or gals are always merciless.Additionally, at least in my mind, the heroines don't always lose. From a perilous point of view, those wouldn't be as interesting. On another note, I have been asked before about why I don't to a villainess peril scene (ie, the heroine torturing / executing the villainess), and the reason is quite simple. The good lawful people always punish the bad guys and gals, no matter how evil the murder act they did, as humanely and mercifully as possible. I have to tell you, the racism found in BDSM cartoons like Kathyrne's (always a white never a black victim, and far too often, black's as the villains).I have seen a person short out a car battery with a metal tool and burn and arc melt the metal so you can imagine what it would do to a human body under the right situation.

The body has to be wet or the skin punctured with clamp teeth to do so for a proper torture gimp scene.

Also, if you're worried about pic host space, you may want to try the Pimp & Host site that I'm using for the below GIFS. Isn't that just like you, Roger – all Pollyanna-eyed enthusiasm for the films you like, and no time to provide tough penetrating feedback.