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09-May-2017 02:51

With solid, high dating confidence, you will date with your head. Good things come to those who put their goals and passions ahead of relationships and good men take notice! An interesting life filled with experiences results in a woman who is interesting! The next time you find yourself falling for some great-looking guy with smooth lines, STOP. You will think with your head and leave your heart out of the decision making process – at least until you know you’ve got a keeper! Want to know how to Weed Out The Users, The Couch Potatoes, And The Losers? After going through twelve years of his own failed relationships, he decided to try and decode dating for men and women.She has opinions and she naturally becomes challenging and mysterious. That elusive older couple sitting in the park holding hands gave him hope!

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Megan dates with her head and Jennifer dates with her heart. She saw her Mom fall apart after the divorce so she decided she would find a good man who would make her happy, unlike how her dad made her mom feel. When you aren’t looking within yourself for your happiness, you are missing the mark. How happy she is from day to day will be determined by how she is treated by the man she dates.

Her parents divorced early in her life and it negatively affected how she views men. Unfortunately, this thought process leads to failed relationships. Richard Gere’s character asks each man Julia Roberts’ character was engaged to one question, “What kind of eggs does she like? Because Jennifer hasn’t taken the time to define herself, set boundaries and goals, she will make decisions with her heart.

Megan’s out look on men is vastly different from Jennifer’s. They instilled in her a drive to follow her dreams, to have goals, to pursue her passions and to have hobbies.

Megan dates, but she looks at the first few dates differently.Megan doesn’t allow her heart to get in the game until she is sure this guy is for real.Obviously, I’ve just given you one scenario but there are many ways in which you can land in the dating world.You can come back into the dating scene after the breakup of a long-term relationship or marriage, unsure of who you really are as a newly single woman.

Recovering from a broken heart is never easy. People say that time heals every wound, but how long should you wait before getting into the fray again? Locking the outside world out and sulking in your room proves to be just as harmful as diving headfirst into hedonism. Either way, we recommend you to step into the.… continue reading »

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Trying to date when you are just out of a relationship or marriage is ill-advised. While it may be what many of us are instinctively inclined to do, read how it can lead to disaster.… continue reading »

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