Hearing impared dating

07-Feb-2017 08:26

Talk to an audiologist (hearing expert) about the possibilities.

Even babies can wear a hearing aid, a small electronic device worn inside or behind the ear that amplifies sound.

But about 2 to 3 in every 1,000 healthy babies in the United States are born with hearing loss, making it the most common birth defect.

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(It's hard to hear through an ear filled with fluid.) Permanent hearing loss from fluid is rare, but it can occur in children whose fluid remains untreated, resulting in structural changes in the eardrum or hearing bones. Resources for establishing and operating universal newborn hearing screening programs. Medications such as chemotherapy agents, salicylates, loop diuretics, and certain intravenous antibiotics may also cause hearing loss. The National Organization for Hearing Research Foundation.Hearing loss can also be caused by fluid retained in the middle ear – after infection or because of poor ventilation of the ear. There are two types of hearing loss – congenital (meaning the baby was born with it) and acquired (meaning the baby lost hearing sometime after birth).

Education of the hearing impaired in Kenya dates back to the establishment of Kenya. Society for the Deaf Children KSDC, in 1958 by Peter Clifford, a government Ear. Nose and Throat Surgeon at King George IV Hospital, currently Kenyatta National. Hospital, Mrs. Elizabeth Couldrey, a Speech Therapist and Mrs. Edina.… continue reading »

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