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Neurotic and self-centered like you would be if the press had kissed your ass ever since you were 18 - to the point of making Gwyneth Paltrow look grounded.

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The only thing I know about Virginie Ledoyen, from someone who worked on the set of Ozon's 8 Women, is that she's Cunt Supreme.

1656 - 1694 Tower of London) ; (Treasurer of the Navy, sponsered journey which discovered Falkland Islands; eponym; M.

) ; (this link was a confused assumption, Walter having a son John who was Provost, Bedchamber Groom, etc., not the imprisoned Covenanter) Fruela of BARDALIA (Duke) of CANTABRIA (? ) ; or: Vimara ALFONSEZ (King of ASTURIAS : son of Alfonso I) or: (NN), father of King Alfonso I; aka Fruela I PEREZ (King) de ASTURIAS & Galicia; Count of BARTULIO Frederick II Roger de HOHENSTAUFEN (EMPEROR) of GERMANY (Ancona 1194 - 1250 Sicily) ; von STAUFEN; King of SICILY & JERUSALEM; Duke of APULIA; Prince of CAPUA; (talented man called `Wonder of the World') Anthony CARY (5th Viscount of FALKLAND) (Somersets.

In 1992, while separated from �lisabeth, he had a daughter, Roxane, with the model Karine Sylla.

In 1996 he divorced �lisabeth and began a relationship with actress Carole Bouquet, with whom he was married from 1997 to 2005[4].

In a cast filled with the creme de la creme of French stars (Deneuve, Ardant, Huppert etc) she was the only diva, and a sulking one at that.

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Actor Guillaume Canet doesn't seem to. The world is on the brink of 'the last war in the history of. homophobic slurs are found on his timeline dating.… continue reading »

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