Good bible study dating couple

19-Dec-2017 02:19

To not do this is a guarantee that you will grow apart. You must work as a team, like a well-oiled machine.

Allow the Holy Spirit to mold both of your personalities together as you pray and study His Word as a couple. If you believe that your marriage was made in heaven, consult heaven about the upkeep. Most couples never work on the spiritual aspect of their marriage, and it becomes weak due to a lack of spiritual vitamins. Lock into this passage as two hearts beating as one. Keep it in context: what concepts are before and after this passage? Determine together how you can apply it to your marital situation/circumstances. Never belittle your spouse’s level of comprehension. ” Remember, there are various types of marital abuse: physical abuse, emotional abuse and spiritual abuse.

You do not marry a person, you marry a personality.

You must take the time to get to know your mate’s personality as well as your own.

You have led her to the marriage altar—now lead her every day to the altar of God’s Word.

You can do nothing for your marriage better than this.

No law says you must both have exactly the same study Bible. Every couple only has so much strength: reserve some for Bible study together. Sexual intimacy II Peter 1:8 - God, in His Word, has “Given us all things that pertain to life and godliness.” The family unit was established by God.

If you do this, you will read the Bible through in three years. You need to help each other know the road map so you both get to your spiritual destination together.

The greatest benefit of the study to to “reverse-engineer” your marriage.I recommend this study for any married couple or group.Click here to watch the first full session for free on You Tube. “Give honor unto your wife…as heirs together of the grace of life” (I Peter 3:7). What are his/her concerns/needs/interests/questions? You will find no scriptural example of Jesus abusing anyone in any way. Agree on a time and place where you will study each day. Decide together what method of study you will begin with.