Georgia state inmates online dating

30-Nov-2017 07:38

We are very proud of the actions of all 6 inmates,' the Polk County Sheriff's Office said in a post on Facebook.

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He told 'When he started breathing again, it was just real heavy and real fast.The unidentified officer collapsed, but instead of making a run for it, the six inmates raced to help him, removing his bullet proof vest and then began to perform CPR.One of the inmates then dialed 911 to summon an ambulance.While the information is believed to be accurate, the State of Texas, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, its Board or employees, make no warranties, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, timeliness or the completeness of any information obtained through the use of this service.

This website is updated on working days only and the information is at least 24 hours old.The photo was posted to TBI's verified Twitter account shortly after their capture.A prosecutor says he’ll seek the death penalty against two Georgia inmates accused of killing two corrections officers last month during an escape from a prison bus.'They could have taken the gun, got the work van and gone,' Moats told Time. They were out there by themselves with this one officer.