Gay dating articles

09-Dec-2017 03:35

(It's fine to change from straight to gay, according to these tribunes, because that's simply coming out of the closet.) They allude, at various times, to Simon Le Vay's 1991 brain study or problematic decades-old research into identical twins, if not warped evolutionary logic from ideologues like David Barash or anecdotes about someone they know. Anyone who says you can change your sexuality is a lying, right-wing bigot!

To which I say the following: Dating and marriage don't magically happen, like going to the bathroom or breathing. Whether to hang out in gay clubs or straight clubs makes a huge difference; these are completely different cultures.

I feel compelled to write a column once again emphasizing a basic reality: gay sex is a choice. According to her detractors, such was tantamount to being anti-gay.

Even if we accepted, for argument's sake (which I do not accept), that Mc Caskill was "anti-gay" because she signed a petition, the case against Dixon is based purely on wild assumptions about sex.Scroll through the comments section of any article about these issues.You will see a roll call of gays and pro-gay supporters, issuing confident testimonials that nobody has ever changed from gay to straight.Lastly, a lot of men came to the gay sex scene in order to engage in bondage and sadomasochism, because they were raped as boys.

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