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And if you do try and watch any of these, please avoid the English dub version. Demon hunter Mikoto, Sui, and Yamato are at school late at night fighting supernatural beings.

After failing to kill the monster, the three students retreated to the nearest swimming pool to freshen up. Peace has been kept for ages by an unspoken agreement between humankind and the demons.

Dark Love is something that is very hard to recommend because it’s one of the most depraved, hardcore, and probably one of the most offensive tentacle hentai out there.

Dark Love didn’t care about subtlety and the girls are subjected to tentacles that are way too overdone - like the victim’s belly deforms after getting inserted, and tentacles exit out their mouths. Princess Lilia is the next in line to rule over the kingdom from her brother Dirk.

The tentacles range from the typical fleshly phallic ones, to the more extreme like mini tentacles popping out on a tentacle or pointy ones that look like small hooks. Like any jealous power-hungry relative vying to take control over their father’s kingdom, he made a pact with a demon to capture Lilia and have them extract her hidden power by subjecting her to the highest level of sexual ecstasy through humiliation, rape and offering her body to the demons.

This anime has everything ranging from rape to incest.

Japan has many weird or even bizarre fetishes ranging from bukkake to necrophilia, and perhaps the most popular and certainly old (we mean ancient old) fetish is the tentacle erotica. In its simplest term, it’s a fetish involving a human being (usually a woman) engaged in sexual activities with creatures or monsters that have tentacles.

If you are searching for a website with tons of users looking for adult fun, tons of features, and no hidden fees, then look no further.Due to her acts of justice, Ingrid is known as the Dark Knight that struck fear to the hearts of wrongdoers.Like a majority of hentai anime with tentacles, The Dark Knight Ingrid’s time is focused on Ingrid getting raped by monsters and sometimes subjected to inhumane experiments.Majority of the runtime is indeed full of sexual acts, only a small fraction actually involves tentacles that come out of Dirk after, you know, agreeing to something.

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