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One night, not long after Id passed another half-decade mark, and so was already primed for contemplation of the many-forking paths of life, I finished .

The next day, the end of Bookslut was decided, and the day after that, a friendnot an especially close one, but one whose continued existence in the world was a comfort and who proved to be a hinge on which the rest of my life has hungdied young.

I wont say, after 35 years of hoarding for myself the resources required to power such an existence, that life is short or precious; all of those selves we throw off behind us dont come cheap.

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Its a familiar thought experiment for the habitual worriers among us, those who suspect that everything can be lost as quickly and haphazardly as it was gained.I was secretly thrilled that the table was ruined, but that was tempered by thoughts of projectile acceleration and vulnerable flesh and previously unconsidered ways to die.The second time I was living in Manila with mythen, nowhusband and our baby, who was bigger but a baby all the same.The first time, I had just brought my first son home from the NICU and his father was still unpacking his things in myourapartment.

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While assembling the glass coffee table he had dragged along with him to the household, he (the father, not the baby) overtightened a screw.Rachel Martins NPR interview with Erpenbeck tells us that its four lives, so lets call it four.(Martin also, bafflingly, mentions twice that the book was translated from German into English without mentioning by whose efforts that occurred.I was sick, one of those tropical diseases Americans abroad think theyll never be the ones to catch, and not especially happy to be where I was, but this was the future out of all possible futures that had stuck.