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29-Jan-2018 08:54

You can only sync i Tunes with an i Pod, not an i Pod with i Tunes. It only works for extracting Fair Play purchased songs from an i Pod onto the PC/Mac, and you must then authorize that computer with i TMS as one of the 5 machines that are allowed to share a single i TMS user account.

Any non-purchased songs will be wiped from the i Pod, and the i Pod will thenceforth be synchronized with the new computer's library instead of its original computer.

Please stop trying to insert your personal gripes into Wikipedia.

Alistair Mc Millan (talk) , 5 July 2008 (UTC) I did a quick google search for "i MPware" and couldn't find anything on it.

ref: https://github.com/clementine-player/Clementine/wiki/Portable-Devices Agreed.--.51 (talk) , 19 February 2009 (UTC) Perhaps I'm missing the point - I have Rockbox installed on my Ipod video as an alternative operating system for the Ipod hardware. --.97 (talk) , (UTC) Why is there no information on foreign character support? I'm running Ubuntu and Rythmbox is auto detecting my i Pod, but I have not fully explored its functionality.

From this discussion, I can see that such a column was included at some point but was removed and I cannot find it by sifting through the history. Maybe it's the only one available for Linux, but it should still be listed here as it is a decent manager. Either renaming, or providing a more thorough description below somewhere would be helpful. The Windows table would be much more usefull if it listed which win versions the various programs support.

Why ON EARTH would you remove such an important fact, even if the information was incomplete, and why was it not restored??? — Jeremy | Talk , (UTC) Why is there a whole column for "Extract foreign (russian) titles"? In this case, i Tunes since version 6.0 if not earlier has been able to display my Russian songs as well as some random Norwegian songs. Changed to Non-English The name of the different columns are not very intuitive. People wanting support for say win98 (which apple itunes does not offer) should not be forced to research each program separately to try to find a possibly useful one.

What's so special about Russian as opposed to Japanese, Chinese, Arabic...? -.122 , 9 October 2007 (UTC) Nobody uses Windows 98, because it is old and crappy.

This might be useful information for third-party developers who want to know whether it's possible to write an app that can replace i Tunes for syncing, but still allow you to buy music through i Tunes. Brian Tiemann (talk) , 5 February 2008 (UTC) Yeah it could happen, sorta.I recently started having issues with whether my i Pods were formatted Mac or Windows (that is, the HD/Memory inside the i Pod).Some software will only work with one or the other.YAMi Pod is another excellent i Pod manager that is FREEWARE and requires no installation (stand-alone executable file).

Stable versions are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

GNU/Linux is now far more advanced than it, to the point that running Windows 98 is something only a museum should do for public speculation.

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