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While I understand that bringing together the full IEP team can be difficult, I consider the attendance of all required IEP team members critical to the development of an appropriate IEP for my child.

Therefore, I will not excuse any member from attending.

If an IEP team member needs to be excused because of logistics, ask if this person can participate in the meeting by phone or video conference.

It’s in your child’s best interest for all IEP team members to attend his IEP meetings.

Your child’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) is shaped and written in IEP team meetings.

Ideally, all IEP team members will participate in every meeting.

If a team member is absent, you may need to come up with a plan to follow up with the missing team member.

This can help the team make good decisions during the meeting.Thank you very much for your continuing assistance. Sincerely, Your Name Your Contact Information In a perfect world, every IEP team member would attend every single IEP meeting.In real life, logistics and conflicting schedules can make that more a dream than a reality.Most schools also have a form that other teachers who work with the student can fill out.