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14-Mar-2018 12:47

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Nearly every time it would turn to the Apocalypse and Steve would try his case with anyone who dared to challenge him. As a casual Catholic by upbringing, I was astonished at the depth and breadth of the argument.Steve would passionately quote from the Bible, from classical literature, history books, and books by the Church Fathers such as, St. One book that really struck Steve was The Book of Destiny, by Rev.I continued my drive and my conversation with the Lord. The next few days, I watched the children while my wife and her family went to the hospital. Although he survived, he was mostly in a coma and so after a week or so I went back to work.

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Due to my weak faith, I assumed this was folly but there was nothing else to do. They decided to operate and by some small miracle, he survived the night. He took on a pinkish color and his whole body seemed to relax. By one count, he had 14 IV bottles hooked up at once.I was told he was so out of it that he wouldn't know much of anything.When I walked into the room, Steve motioned to me and kept trying to communicate.He also shoveled snow at the local parish and served as lector.

We didn't see him much over the first dozen years we were married.

I asked if he knew who I was and he smiled and nodded. First, a short letter arrived that explained the symbols in the Book of Daniel and how they will be important in interpreting the Apocalypse.

By Matt Abbott Op/Ed Catholic Online The Book of Revelation is perhaps.… continue reading »

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It has become fashionable to castigate Twitter - the microblogging service. Don't make the Internet your exclusive dating venue and don't. Excerpts from the.… continue reading »

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