Entourage not updating exchange mailbox

25-Apr-2017 12:22

I’ve tried right clicking on a folder and choosing synchronize, and I have tried altering the contents of a message in a folder.

I HAVE NOT tried the empty cache option, as this would lead to data loss.

In all my cases I have corrected the problem by identifing a problematic message in the Inbox.

The key has always been to esablish if the message item count is different when viewing the users mailbox in OWA when compared to Outlook 2011 for Mac.

In my cases OWA always showed one additional message count.

Finding (can be difficult) and deleting this message would resestablish successfull and timely syncing of the Inbox in Outlook 2011.

jmpready, is it possible for you to describe how you found the problematic message?

Too often what should be a simple task is made more difficult than it needs to be. ) but it never updates, hours or even days later unless she hits the update folder button.

I'm still waiting to test the cached mode setting So our users are uing OL2010 and are using exchyange Cached mode.

Once it finished it synchronization and reported all folders are up to date, I did a comparison.

We have a staff member running Entourage 12.2.8 on OS 10.5.8 that we are moving to a newer unit. During this process we discovered many of the folders under the Inbox were not being sync’d to the Exchange server.Using Outlook Web Access I sorted by type, found the meeting invitation which appeared in the OWA Inbox but not in my Outlook 2011, I deleted it from the Inbox and Deleted Items folder.After doing this my Outlook 2011 began updating quickly and correctly.I had recreated the account on a PC running Outlook 2003.

Saved search query in Entourage. into Outlook for Mac. Exchange accounts are not included when. selected users mailbox, Exchange will not allow you.… continue reading »

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