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To put this into proper perspective, the highest cathedral nave in Europe would fit three times into its height, and its mass exceeds that of all the cathedrals, churches and chapels built in England since the beginning of Christianity!

The Great Pyramid is often cited as the largest building on Earth, with twice the volume and thirty times the mass of New Yperfectly level, with errors of less than an inch across its entire area, despite supporting such an enormous weight for thousands of years.

Gigantic man-made mounds were constructed in China,yptians were still living in mud huts along the Nile.

During World War II pilots flying ‘the hump’ reported seeing one or more massive pyramids standing silently in isolated Himalaya valleys.

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Petrie estimated that diamond-tipped drills would need to have been applied with a pressure of two tons, in order to hollow out the granite box.

“Beneath the now-removed outer layer, the Pyramid’s construction consists of approximately 2,500,000 dressed stones, mostly yellow limestone, but with harder granite for certain interior features.

The total mass of the Great Pyramid is estimated at around 90 million cubic feet, which would weigh between 6-7 million tons.

In fact, the Great Pyramid is admittedly much more ancient than the Egyptians of history, as Hotema relates: When the most ancient Egyptians first saw the mysterious Sphinx and the great Pyramid of Gizeh, only their tops projected above the wind-blown sand of the desert.

They knew no more about the purpose of these structures, their builders, or when -Acharya S., “The Christ Conspiracy” (279) The Great Pyramids at Giza, even by today’s standards, are absolute miracles in architecture, masonry / construction, mathematics, and astronomy.

In a famous meeting with a panel of Egyptologists, author of “Giza Power Plant” Christopher Dunn brought a slab of granite, a hammer and a copper chisel and asked for a demonstration of how Egyptians were supposed to have chiseled out thousand-ton granite obelisks using simple hand tools.

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