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SAT April 14 - Schorndorf, GERMANY - Manufaktur (Hammerschlag 8, 73614) Tix here! TUES April 17 - Copenhagen, DENMARK - KB18 Kødboderne (Kødboderne 18, 1714) FB event here! WED April 18 - Aalborg, DENMARK - Studenterhuset (Gammel Torv 10, 9000) FB event here! THURS April 19 - Hamburg, GERMANY - Hafenklang (Carsten-Rehder-Strasse 51, 22767) Tix here! SAT April 21 - Rotterdam, HOLLAND - Motel Mozaique festival!

Donegal, IRELAND - Regional Cultural Centre (46 Port Rd, Gortlee).

Relationships can be far more complex, and there are more poly relationships in our communities than we think. A polyamorous relationship usually involves three or more people consensually engaged in various degrees of romantic and sexual intimacy.

All parties involved are aware that others exist, and they are all connected: either by one person being the central focus, or by some mix of interchanging partnerships and intimate fluidity.

So-and-So down the street, taking care of her house and home just as he was with his wife and kids.

Many of our grandmothers seemed to have turned blind eyes to their husbands’ behaviors, but knowledge of these activities was widespread.

Those involved would argue that neither description is accurate, and that they’re actually quite giving and selfless and strongly value commitment.

There’s a lot of open communication between the people involved and jealousy isn’t usually a significant issue, though it can come up.

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However unlikely, there could be four or five more people waiting in the wings to round out a happy family. ” It’s important to understand that, for many people, relationships are not primarily about sex.With divorce rates hovering around 50%, and marriage rates decreasing as divorce rates increase—and with over 50% of men and women admitting to having cheated on a romantic partner—we have to think about what’s going on with our relationships and why people are reluctant to get married and stay married.Are we making choices based upon what we truly want, or more upon what we believe we’re supposed to want?In some instances, they practice what’s known as “polyfidelity,” a commitment to keep romantic and sexual activity within their established group.