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Overview Corfu, or, in Greek, "Kerkyra," feels different from most other Greek islands from the moment you step off the boat. One, its history differs from that of much of Greece in that Corfu, like most of the islands off Greece's west coast (the Heptanese or "Seven Islands"), has had a strong Anglo-Venetian presence during its relatively recent history.The influence of this history is immediately reflected in its distinctly Italian-flavored architecture.Kerkyra was the name of the daughter of Asopos, the river god.

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Eventually Corfu earned independence, and turned to mercantile pursuits.There is no spot along its 40-mile (65 km) length that is more than 7.5 km from the sea.Corfu is one of Greece's most beautiful islands, with a highly developed tourist infrastructure along its coastal areas.At the same time, the inland portions of the island are relatively unchanged by the thousands who visit every year. History The name "Kerkyra" was first mentioned by the Mycenaeans in 1300 BC.