Donghae yuri dating

12-Jan-2018 10:44

I discovered you in to the beautiful you and i fell in love with you . That's why I always watch before because I was really curious on how JC will convince Paul John to continue high jumping...

Seeing just a trailer before, it already captured my interest because it is a very unimaginable story that a girl will disguise like a boy so that she can enter to her idol's school and encourage him not to stop achieving his dreams just because he's injured... And now you will be part on KBS Drama Hwarang im hoping that you will shine on this drama.

Hey Min ho I have watched all your dramas and hwarang and medical top team is my favorite among all your dramas. God Bless You I am very sad that I couldn't see you when you came to India.... Me and my best friend, friends of my friends and lots more, they also love korean dramas and we're waiting for the next episode of korean drama entitled 'Hwarang" in which you are one of it. WE LOVE YOU MINHO Minho oopa, you've grown up soo the difference between you in Salamander guru and now....look like a giant cmpared to it. Anyway love you oppa....always make your fans delighted!!!! Just few words combined Like the sun you shine so bright, Even you cant see the tiny me it's OK. Even if I get hurt I wish if its u then I will fall again & again Almost forgot... Also oppa, you seem really different in Hwarang..... I'd really love to see you with long hair again, but thats out of style now right?

If I would have known definitely I would have come... I hope you know that I along with your many many fans support you all the way... I miss the old times when you guys (shinee) were with Yoogeun......

Hello min ho...., I am a big fan of SHINee, especially you...., You are looking good..., Recently I watched exciting India..., You came to my country... think in Sri lanka you may not have to face hard moments.

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I really love you baby you are really handsome hard working and I love youre voice ,acting but please just stop lose weight..... I love Hyun Woo's character too, he's gay and so funny and I love the way how he smile even in his saddest moment.

I want to see you healthier and really miss you're long hair..... I've watched To the Beautiful You drama for 8 times now and I am planning to watch them again.

Oh i really have a crush on u....i just Need to delete u from my brain. I recently watched 'exicting india' it was definitely hilarious but i also felt very bad for you guys. I hope we didn't scare you guys and we will see you again in India, not for a news report but for a concert. " miracle is Another name of hard work "~ choi min ho .

You works and romantic expression are really awesome and it can be compared to Sun in the solar system.

My dear, kang tae joon, you are the most favourite actor of mine.. I wish you to visit india again as soon as possible. How are u able to look cute ,handsome and sexy simultaneously ?? I have observed a lot fans from India in comment section .... FIGHTING ❤ Minho looks like a robot everytime he shoots a romantic scene like kiss scenes :) its like he's learning love and to kiss at the first time. Please do visit us here in India we love you so much "To the beautiful you" , was such a great and one of the best drama I've ever watched . Your really improving oppa on your Acting Skills on drama Beacause It's The First Time. well i just want to say one thing to you " I WISH TO HAVE A BOYFRIEND LIKE YOU ." You r the perfect man in that series..,hope u r the same even in real life . looool i still cant get over "exciting india" m sure u guys will never even think of india now. No words can described how much I love u minho oppa . prince min ho cute baby please one more time come to india,and keep smile at any time ok its not pain to heart &think positive life is always jolly Saranghe oppa ? Make sure you go to other places in india as well *cough* hyderabad *cough* There are a lot of kpop fans here, you have nothing to worry about. I refer that name 'Tae joon' as i saw only "TO THE BEAUTIFUL YOU" series ..! I dont even think u know how to read english u guys hardly speak english. Just to let u know there r indian korean fans but u guys just went to the wrong side of the country!! i hope that you and all SHINee members will come to SRI LANKA...

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