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White matter, however, is made up of the long filaments that extend from nerve cells and act as the electrically insulated "cables" transmitting messages over longer distances.

Researchers, led by Paul Thompson of the University of California, found that each pair of identical twins, who share the same genes, had virtually the same amount of grey matter.

Scientists have for the first time linked the amount of grey matter in the brain with the ability to do well in intelligence tests.

The study, confirming that grey matter really was the intellectual stuffing of the brain, also found that the amount a person had depended largely on genes.

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"It is actually something real in the brain that correlates with people's ability to solve these sorts of problems," he said.

"Finding a correlation between grey matter density and general cognitive ability provides evidence for a biological basis for it, though it's not necessarily causal." The results do not, however, rule out the possibility that studying could improve a person's grey matter.

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