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Mixed-weight Couples and Prejudice Brian Collisson, a psychologist at Azusa Pacific University in California, decided to test the extent to which “mixed-weight” couples experience prejudice.Along with two colleagues from Ohio University and Marian University, Collisson ran a series of studies of weight difference and prejudice.In the first study, 230 volunteers were told that they would be rating how favorable or unfavorable they felt toward a romantic couple that had participated in a previous experiment.The volunteers were told that the couple had not consented for their photographs to be shown to anyone else, but had selected a full-body avatar to represent themselves.There’s a wealth of evidence suggesting that couples match on intelligence, attitudes, and physical attributes such as attractiveness and height. We shouldn’t be surprised to see couples who are different in personality or appearance.Sometimes these differences can lead to conflict—consider the septuagenarian couple from Florida whose recent argument about Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton escalated so quickly that emergency services were called. Supreme Court overturned the final anti-miscegenation laws, legalizing marriage between men and women of different races.

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If there is an ounce of uncertainty about your ability to satisfy a partner, why not take the initiative to be creative and most importantly TALK to them!

Which, in turn, makes it like penis roulette: You never know what you're going to get.

"And once you're getting frisky with him," my friend said (oh so, eloquently, may I add). Just cross your fingers it's not crooked." Think of this as an analogy: A gold-digger thinks she's hit the jackpot with a man with a bulging bank account and falls in love.

Find out what they need sexually, if it’s not illegal or immoral, then be willing to at least try.

Your sexual needs are just as important as their sexual needs, so both parties should be willing to compromise in order to maintain a faithful relationship moving forward. Absolutely not, but your willingness to use and how you use everything you were given does!We need to move away from “a bigger penis is better when it comes to sexual gratification” because that’s not always the case.There are so many other ways to please by use of tongue, hands/fingers, and/or adult toys.This might make men who aren't particularly gifted downstairs a bit self conscious, especially if this is an insecurity they've been struggling with since they've been getting busy in the bedroom (or stripping down to their skivvies in the boy's locker room).