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18-Feb-2018 12:16

It is an important goal not only because unemployment leads to wastage of potential output, but also because of the loss of social standing and self-respect.

One of the policy objectives of monetary policy is to stabilise the price level.

In this paper, we present an application of the dynamic tracking games framework to a monetary union.

We use a small stylized nonlinear three-country macroeconomic model of a monetary union to analyze the interactions between fiscal (governments) and monetary (common central bank) policy makers, assuming different objective functions of these decision makers.

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On the contrary, when prices are depressed, the central bank lowers the bank rate. Open market operations refer to sale and purchase of securities in the money market by the central bank.

It is cheap to borrow from the central bank on the part of commercial banks. When prices are rising and there is need to control them, the central bank sells securities.

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The result is that the borrowers are given less money in loans against specified securities.

In the opposite case, when the reserve ratio is lowered, the reserves of commercial banks are raised.