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03-Sep-2017 15:39

Finally, since 1990, the average American bra size has increased from 34B to 36C. Meanwhile, flat-chested models dominate the fashion runways of Paris, Milan, and New York.And because top models often wed celebrities or alpha-males, some of the world’s richest, most visible women have small breasts.Long before the contemporary obesity epidemic, when food was scarce and starvation a real threat, large, fatty breasts suggested caloric reserves.That, in turn, suggested that the women had reliable access to food, which increased survival odds for their offspring—and for their impregnators.The most sexist showed a strong preference for large breasts, while the more egalitarian men preferred smaller breasts. Some do, at least in fantasy, hence the joke about the woman who gets the job. “Eye Tracking of Men’s Preferences for Female Breast Size and Areola Pigmentation,” My own anecdotal experience is that men make jokes about large breasts, but what they really want is an *attractive woman*, and if she's attractive, whatever size she has is just fine.But many prefer women with medium or small breasts, and many others don’t care. Women assume breast size is more important to men than it is, just as men assume penis size is more important to women than it is.

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The choice is difficult because all four are clearly qualified. Personally, I’ve never understood men’s supposed preference for big boobs.Just as any size penis can cause a pregnancy, all breasts can swell with milk and nurture infants.But evolution seems to have primed men to believe that women with larger breasts are a better reproductive bet.Some said they could feel attracted only to women with a specific endowment.

(The leading preference was large, followed by medium then small.) But like me, many men insisted that when they fell in love, they fell in love with the women’s breasts, whatever their size.

Recall the 361 Englishmen who considered women with medium-size breasts the most attractive.

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