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16-Feb-2018 01:40

Victims support is again an important way by which we can tackle this problem.

If the victims stood out and openly made those who are still affected by it, believe that things will be alright if they’ll just turn towards a positive life path.

Healthy relationships are built on a foundation of respect.

Respect is a choice, and when you give it, you are more likely to get it in return.

A national survey found that ten percent of teens, female and male, had been the victims of physical dating violence within the past year and can increase the risk of physical injury, poor academic performance, binge drinking, suicide attempts, unhealthy sexual behaviors, substance abuse, negative body image and self-esteem, and violence in future relationships.

There are several factors that add up to this: It is more than important to resolve this as mentioned before, as this can result in anxiety depression and suicidal tendencies.

It is important to create spaces, such as school communities, where the behavioral norms are not tolerant of abuse in dating relationships.

The message must be clear that treating people in abusive ways will not be accepted, and policies must enforce this message to keep students safe.

So it is important for teens to recognize healthy relationships.

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A healthy relationship is free from physical, emotional, and sexual violence.There are several ways by which we can achieve that.The most important way by which we can stop it is by killing it in its crib.Make sure no one is being hurt by this evil practice and that no one who was hurt once by it was left untreated.

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