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Through their experiences, and my own as a dating coach and former dater, here are some things to think about the next time you mix and mingle. Showing up in a gaggle —This is the #1 thing that separates a good mixer from a bad one.

Women tend to come to events with a girlfriend (or three) which is okay as long as you’re not joined at the hip or seated together the whole time.

Treat him like a human, even if you don’t want him to message you tomorrow so that you don’t kill his self-esteem and chances of meeting someone else. Approaching them — I often debate my female clients about the line between being accessible and being aggressive.

Most men will be impressed that you have the guts to talk to them first.

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a few Stir events.

I spoke with many women and men about what they were looking for, what annoyed them and what was going through their heads when they came into a room full of people they didn’t know.

Take a sexy pair of shoes, a shorter skirt, or a trendier jacket to work if you don’t have time to go home and change so he can tell you care about him to noticing you.

Otherwise it might seem like you’re too busy with work to get to know him. Being rude after he’s worked up the courage to talk to you – Women sometimes forget that guys have feelings too.

It was often frustrating and humbling to put myself out there time and time again, but I finally ended up meeting my dream guy on a dating site, and I’ve been helping other singles meet their matches ever since.Many times these are not the buffest, handsomest, or wittiest guys either.Women appreciate effort and if guys bust your chops for dressing that way, you’ll get the last laugh when the pretty girl is on your arm. Being direct—I remember going to a mixer in my single days and being so impressed when a man I was talking to asked me out on a proper date within 15 minutes of our introduction.Clearly stating that you want to take her to dinner or on another ‘official date’ will get her attention.

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The norm has become, “We should hang out again,” or “I’ll message you” and never doing it, so even the slightest amount of clarity and follow-through can give you an edge.

Many times women run for the tables and plant themselves down so they don’t have to feel awkward (or stand in the 4˝ heels that they shouldn’t have worn.) If you move around every 20 to 30 minutes you might catch someone’s eye who you didn’t even know was there. Crowding around “The Hot Girl” — There’s always one super hot woman at a mixer and each guy thinks that he’s going to be the one she says ‘yes’ to.