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27-Feb-2017 02:54

So just like working out at the gym, when you keep motivated, consistent, and positive you get the results you’re seeking.Do you have a secret technique that helps you meet new people or a question about how you can personally improve your game? And don’t forget to claim your free video “The 5 Online Dating Mistakes You’re Making and How to Fix Them“.Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a few Stir events.I spoke with many women and men about what they were looking for, what annoyed them and what was going through their heads when they came into a room full of people they didn’t know.If you’re in conversation with her, try your hardest to make eye-contact.We all know where your mind tends to focus, but your eyes don’t need to go there too. Approaching them in a casual manner – Most women like guys who take initiative, but this doesn’t mean being aggressive.It doesn’t mean you’re re-writing the laws of chivalry. If the sparks fly, you can let him take the lead from there. Giving them the ‘signals’ — In spite of what you see in movies, men prefer a straightforward message rather than coy game-playing.

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Otherwise it might seem like you’re too busy with work to get to know him. Being rude after he’s worked up the courage to talk to you – Women sometimes forget that guys have feelings too.Clearly stating that you want to take her to dinner or on another ‘official date’ will get her attention.The norm has become, “We should hang out again,” or “I’ll message you” and never doing it, so even the slightest amount of clarity and follow-through can give you an edge.Do not assume that he knows you like him unless you’re being very clear.

Acting snarky or sassy won’t build chemistry with the right guy—kindness, compliments, and laughter will take you much further. Being accessible – When women move around the event, they open themselves up to meeting new guys.If a man has worked up the courage to speak with you, please don’t utter the words “ewww” or roll your eyes at him.Even if you’re not interested you can learn something interesting from everyone.Treat him like a human, even if you don’t want him to message you tomorrow so that you don’t kill his self-esteem and chances of meeting someone else. Approaching them — I often debate my female clients about the line between being accessible and being aggressive.

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