Dating someone with loose skin

30-Dec-2017 07:13

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While normally I’d smile and try to redirect the conversation, for the next 14 days, I’d no longer being focusing on appeasing white people.

I know I was suppose to say back what they said to me, but I wanted to be honest, and I was frustrated.For a tiny moment, I thought that perhaps everyone had suddenly become enlightened and no longer systematically conditioned to be racist.I was proven wrong on the second day though, when someone at a local coffee shop stopped me, complimented my hair, and then touched it without asking. "Talking back" didn't exactly feel powerful, the way I'd imagined it might be.Why is it OK for strangers to touch me without permission?

I’m not here for anyone's entertainment, or to be looked at and touched.I didn’t know it at the time — I didn’t realize that, from the beginning, I’d been trying to make the white people around me body and the backhanded compliments, I put the needs, comfort, and safety of white people above my own.Now, when someone questions why my skin is so dark, and when they express shock and surprise over my love Edwardian and Victorian literature, I know they believe they're questioning my character, not their own.As they spoke, they stretched their hand out to touch it.