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20-Jul-2017 07:18

Luckily I found some other items that provide more evocative graphics, and in one case an even more distorted view of the stock market as game.Speculator, the Futures Market Game, aside from dealing with a root cause of the current economic situation, seems to glorify the practice to the extent that it's "a game for everybody." Ignoring the hyperbole that is endemic within these titles, it is necessary to note that this game as least tries to make a visually compelling argument for its existence.Although this is a game that most of humanity is playing, and apparently currently failing, I cannot help but be impressed by the attempt being made on the part of the game's designers.Makes me want for more complex, reality based simulations nowadays, like a financial game for a modern console.This game not only tries to put us in the emotional state of that crushing loneliness…but it lets us explore it, and this to me is the unique power games have (James Portnow, co-creator of the what loneliness feels like: a never ending pattern of rejection. And the only choices are to despair (to move, alone, into the dark), or to continue to pour out energy in what we believe (what we feel we The meta-game reason for it aside; it does have nice music and visuals, but you can’t use ‘minimalist’ as an excuse for not having any real content.Although these games were made, and ostensibly sold enough copies to keep Blue Chip solvent, they don't seem to be too evocative of the time period. With Wall Street quite literally (I'm sure some public works supervisor was annoyed) in the palm of your hand, you can look at putridly colored screens that clash horribly and be sent reeling by the "enhanced graphing", and "user controlled interest".

Though from someone who manually types in data all day, and loves the command line, I guess that criticism is a bit unfair.Then I opened a storage container that seemed to crystalize the post-to-be in my mind and tie in two very important trends from the modern newscape.The first being the impending collapse of the capitalist system, and the second, the rise in videogame sales.The selection turned out to be quite extensive considering I only surveyed the forty or so boxes I had on hand.