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Regardless, the games all contained a cute insert masquerading as a miniature financial newspaper.That paper is dated summer 1987, and thus allows for the tentative dating of all the titles in that general chronological region. All the Blue Chip Software games focus on specific sections of the financial markets, and they all, save the title "MILLIONAIRE", have names I'd consider drastic.

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With such a nice amount of items, I figured I'd share a few and muse about their interpretations of the wall street mania of the 1980s.No, that's not a typo, I can't seem to find anything about the company per say, just that they released numerous financial games in or around 1987.The games themselves are not dated at all; this problem comes up a lot here at the collection, I guess whoever made these games was not concerned with whomever inserted the software into a library collection.There’d be many ways to take some time and actually give it a point beyond the meta-game point to it.

Games can have meanings and messages beyond just being a ‘game,’ but a game must have some sort of rules and goals to it to fulfill its primary purpose as a game.Obviously there would be a need for guns and something mildly derogatory towards women, but that goes with mainstream gaming territory.Maybe you could use your money to buy those things and again mirror the current global system. The title MILLIONAIRE II, claimed as "America's Most Popular Computerized Stock Market Simulation" (probably the longest oxymoron I've ever encountered), seems to have it all..100,000 in sales, guess I'm actually the moron.The mechanics of the game seem a bit more interesting, with four-player competition and a "straight from the headlines" approach. with their direct attempt at fulfilling the needs of each player's internal Gordon Gecko, but the presentation still lacks a bit in the "not sleep inducing" department.