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04-Oct-2017 14:23

You can also sneak your first peek at the newest batch of undressed contestants in this exclusive-to-EW trailer.

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You could've just said "he's doing very well, thanks for the concern." the issue is that the guy and Sulli's age is 14 years apart..thats why there is "An Issue".. i think most netizens wont make a big deal about it..

i think lately there seems to be a few older generation idols dating the younger idols..

@Winston they didn't make a fuss this big for Tony and Hyeri (and they have a bigger age gap).

The reason why they're making such trouble with Sulli and Choiza is because of the companies' seemingly stupid excuses. there could be a chance that Sulli and Choiza really wasnt dating and that its just a over-blown matter.. Maybe Sulli like "father figure" guys who takes care of her like a little girl..

Amoeba Culture responded on the 18th, "Yoo Jae Suk threw the joke out first so it was just a joke that we replied back with." When asked if they were admitting to the dating rumors, the agency replied, "It wasn't like that at all... But people who continue to make stupid remarks/rumors about them are idiots so leave them alone.

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