Dating practices in different cultures

03-Nov-2017 07:01

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Arranged marriages are a form of pragmatic marriage.

Once declared, an engagement is implicit, which follows through with a formal marriage ceremony.

Whether marriage tends to be by the free volition of lovers (i.e., by choice) or is a familial affair, has much to do with how strong the family is in society.

In the West, individualism and freedom are valued above the family.

A responsible authority sets up or encourages the marriage.

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In order for legal contracts to have legal value, they must abide by certain known specifications.The former two often start the process with informal pressure, social pressure, whilst the latter two often start the process with a formal system or statement.In both cases, the authority has a compelling veto over the marriage, and this system is socially supported by the rest of community so that to deny it is extreme and drastic.#marriage #romance #sexuality Marriage means many different things according to the time and place of the culture and people involved.