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30-Jan-2017 02:05

The academy did not say how it obtained the declassified footage, but said others could obtain it through a Freedom of Information Act request.Three videos showing similar incidents became public last year.The footage, along with observations by pilots and radar operators, “appear to provide evidence of the existence of aircraft far superior to anything possessed by the United States or its allies,” according to Christopher Mellon, an adviser to To the Stars Academy.Writing in the Washington Post, Mellon reasoned that if the origin of these aircraft is a mystery, “so is the paralysis of the US government in the face of such evidence.” Mellon, who served as an intelligence official for the Clinton and George W.But it was less clear about whether officials continue to investigate claimed UFO sightings.According to its backers, the programme remains in existence in some form.

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The object had been detected appearing suddenly at 80,000ft by the USS Princeton, a Naval cruiser, which had been tracking mysterious aircraft for two weeks.Experts say there is usually a worldly explanation for apparent UFO sightings and caution that an absence of an explanation is not proof of extraterrestrial life.The Pentagon said the AATIP closed five years ago when defence officials shifted attention and funding to other priorities. Content Wrapper:after.hidden.normal.grid_page.grid_page:before,.grid_page:after.grid_page:after.grid_page h3.grid_page h3 a.grid_page h3 a:hover.grid_page h3 a.action_button.grid_page h3 a.action_button:active.grid_page h3 a.action_button:hover.grid_page h3 a.action_button:not(.fake_disabled):hover.grid_page h3 a.action_button:not(.fake_disabled):focus.grid_pagediv.

U. S. Aviator Wing Chart This chart was produced to identify the various wings worn by aviators in the U. S. Navy Pilot Wings with attached Astronaut Device… continue reading »

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I have no idea what I saw. It accelerated like nothing I’ve ever seen,' Navy pilot says… continue reading »

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