Dating mesa boogie amplifiers

16-Mar-2018 20:15

Channel One's toggle switch selects between Normal and Drive modes and can deliver sparkling performance or vintage-style breakup.

Channel Two offers Normal and Tight modes to control its mid-gain voice. And Channel Three also utilizes Normal and Tight modes to deliver classic Mesa Boogie high-gain drive. And though it offers many tonal benefits, sometimes that much power isn't required.

In true Mesa fashion, the TC-100's three channels take your from spanky American-style cleans to face-melting gain.

And it does it while staying tight and defined throughout the entire range.

I didn't think my band mates would even be able to tell, but they were simply blown away by the roar of this thing.

If you are like me and looking for the best sound you can have, this is it.

Thanks to Multi-Soak power attenuation, the TC-100 may be one of the most versatile tube amp heads at Sweetwater.(While most companies gave the Stones amps for free, Smith charged the band for his handmade Boogies due to the small size of his company at the time.) Boogies can be first heard with the Stones on side three of Love You Live taped at Toronto’s storied El Mocambo Tavern.Boogies remained the Stones’ go-to amps through 1993.Not only is the Mesa Engineering Triple Crown TC-100 100-watt all-tube amp head a fantastic-sounding amplifier, but it boasts a bevy of features that every guitarist will find beneficial.

The true spring reverb tank is footswitchable, along with the tube-buffered effects loop.

The Triple Crown TC-100 head packs a built-in Cab Clone internal amp load and speaker simulator.